One of Advance Tank’s greatest assets is our experienced personnel. As a family owned business which was started by Spence and Betty Van Alsburg in 1968, we take great pride in the development and retention of each employee. Our personnel are more than just a name; our upper management and owners take great pride in forming relationships with each employee. Currently, Advance Tank has over 150 employees.

Our President, Jim Clay, has been with the company for over 20 years. His experience at every level of the company allows Advance Tank to run seamlessly from top to bottom. Mr. Clay is also assisted by some of the most experienced individuals in the industry. The following is a list of Advance Tank personnel, their current position in the company and the number of years that they have been in the tank and vessel industry.

Lisa Clay                  Chief Executive Officer/Treasurer/Legal Council (1991 – Present)

Jim Clay                   Chief Operations Officer/President (1987 – Present)

John Clark                Regional Manager/Asst. Secretary (1979 – Present)

John Burke              Quality Manager (1972 – Present)

Rodney Dotson       Construction Manager (1974 – Present)

Ted Webber             Maintenance and Repair Division Manager (2000 – Present)

Lanny Fievet            Hydro Construction Division Manager (1980 – Present)

Rob Burke                Safety Manager (1974 – Present)

Jim Noren                Engineering Manager (1985 – Present)

Dan Callison            Drafting (1984 – Present)

Matt Van Alsburg   Sales Manager/Corporate Secretary (2008 – Present)

≥30 Year Employees

Advance Tank is also very proud of the fact that we have several employees with 30+ years of experience within our company.

  • Geoff Van Alsburg Senior Project Manager
  • John Burke Quality Manager
  • Rodney Dotson Construction Manager
  • Rob Burke Safety Manager
  • Mark Wrobel Account Manager

Advance Tank is also fortunate to have many additional employees with 20 plus years of tenure. From our administrative staff to our field and shop superintendents, our experience is as great as you can find in the storage tank, repair, and water/wastewater treatment industries.