Tank Bottom Replacement

Advance Tank and Construction performs bottom replacements or secondary bottoms installations on a monthly basis. Clients throughout the United States count on Advance Tank to perform our work as safely and quickly as possible and return the tank to active service.

There are dozens of variations when it comes to bottom replacements or secondary bottoms. Advance Tank can suggest styles which meet API 653, are cost effective, and fit the desired function of the tank. Advance Tank also has experience in performing bottom replacements or secondary bottom installation
which meets client specific REPs.

Bottom Replacement Services:

  • Cold Cutting Bottom Removal
  • Torch Cutting Bottom Removal
  • Contaminated fill excavation
  • Lap Welded Bottoms
  • Butt Welded Bottoms
  • Annular Ring design and installation
  • Secondary Bottoms with concrete spacers
  • Secondary Bottoms with sand spacers
  • Leak Detection Installation
  • HDPE Liner Installation
  • Cathodic Protection Procurement and Installation
  • El Segundo Style Bottoms
  • Bottom Replacements or Secondary Bottoms under floating roofs
  • Floor Patching and Plate Replacement
  • Void Grouting

If you are in need of a bottom replacement or secondary bottom give us a call we would be glad to offer budget pricing or any other assistance required.