Ensure your Water Quality and Safety with the AST Vent

In a world consumed with environmental, health and safety concerns it is safe to say that water is one of our most precious commodities. You are entrusted to protect it from several factors, including:

Freezing Temperatures, Snow, Rain and Acid Rain. You can sleep better knowing you have help from our AST-Vent, a fail-safe means to protect our valued water supplies and your reputation. While the threat of human sabotage is real, it is limited. Yet the daily challenge to protect tanks from natural and environmental factors is critical. Don’t think so? Just ask someone who had a tank explode or implode because of a vent failure.
The fail-safe AST Vent will protect your precious water supply from humans, nature and our ever-changing environment. The vent allows air and vapors to flow properly, minimizing excessive pressure or vacuum in the tank. The proprietary design allows proper air movement at all times, even when the protective screen becomes frosted over or blocked by insects. Should these conditions occur, a pressure or vacuum pallet will lift to relieve the excess forces. When the air flow is restored, the pallet returns to its original position. And the unique lockable design makes the vent secure to deter any efforts to sabotage, corrupt or vandalize your water supplies.
Birds, insects and foreign objects.
Human Threats
Terrorism, sabotage, interference and human error.

Professionally Engineered, Professionally Built and AWWA-Compliant

The AWWA compliant D100-05 aluminum construction, also available in stainless steel, ensures a lightweight, non-corrosive and low maintenance vent. The vent was designed by a 35-year veteran of the water industry and is manufactured by Advance Tank and Construction, a leading and trusted tank fabricator. Proven to withstand all kinds of environmental extremes, from hot desert conditions to the frozen rigors of the Antarctic, the AST-Vent is built to last and give you the peace of mind you need.

Tank Specifications:

  • Provide a roof vent located near the center of the roof that shall have sufficient capacity to pass air, so that at the maximum design flow rate of water entering or leaving the tank, excessive pressure/vacuum will not develop.
  • The overflow pipe shall not be considered a tank vent.
  • The maximum flow rate into the tank is (your info here) gpm. The maximum flow rate leaving the tank is (your info here) gpm.
  • The vent shall be constructed to prevent the entrance of birds, insects or contaminating materials. The vent can be easily dismantled for cleaning.
  • The vent shall be screened with stainless steel 16 mesh screen.
  • In the event that the screen frosts over or becomes clogged with foreign material, a fail-safe system is be provided to relieve excess pressure or vacuum. The relief mechanism shall not be damaged by the occurrence and shall return automatically to the original operating position after the clogging is cleared.
  • The vent shall have a locking mechanism to prevent access to the tank.
  • The vent shall be aluminum construction. (Unless otherwise specified)
  • The vent shall be manufactured by Advance Tank and Construction.