Advance Tank provides cost effective tank jacking and leveling solutions. We have performed and witnessed a variety of jacking processes. However, in our opinion many of these techniques are not safe and do not provide owners with a quality permanent solution. After years of development, our team has successfully created a tank jacking/leveling system which provides a safe and permanent solution. Our crews are trained in the safe-work procedures, best work practices and have the necessary qualifications to perform your work.


We understand why companies utilize airbags or hydraulic jacks, both systems have their place. With that being said these systems share a similar flaw. Both hydraulic jacks and airbags work under the assumption that the soil under the tank will support the point loads of the tank at each jacking station. The ground may hold, but would you stake your life on it?  Tanks often settle because the ground beneath is inadequate. The Advance Tank jacking system mathematically proves that our tank support will hold up the tank. Furthermore, we can utilize our support system to maintain the tanks originally roundness, eliminating buckles often seen during a jacking/bottom replacement repair.


Advance Tank has experience in retrofitting inappropriately sized foundations, or installing new ring wall foundation under existing tank. In many cases these new foundations are being required by local, state, and federal agencies who are requiring secondary containment in all storage tanks. Advance Tank has the capability of removing an existing floor, excavating all fill material, installing a new liner, cathodic protection, new fill material, and the new tank bottom. Advance Tank has performed this service for both the federal government and private industrial customers.