Advance Tank has been maintaining and repairing above ground, welded steel tanks for more than four decades. Our repair roots started in the refineries and chemical plants in the Upper Midwest, long before API 653 was released as the industry’s repair standard. Today we provide API 653 maintenance and repair services to the petrochemical, biofuel, agriculture, and power markets around the United States. From a single small repair to multiyear maintenance agreements, we can service your company’s needs. Contact us today for more information about our API 653 services.

Seal Repair

Advance Tank will repair your primary tank seals, secondary tank seals, wiper and double wiper seals & foam log seals.

Floating Roof Repair

Advance Tank has the capability to design, fabricate, and install single deck and double deck pontoon floating roofs.

Bottom Replacements

Advance Tank performs bottom replacements and secondary bottom installations that are cost effective & meet API 653 standards.

Tank Jacking

hen existing storage tanks sink below grade or experience severe differential settlement, Advance Tank has the solution.

Tank Shell Repair

Advance Tank will evaluate the tank shell to properly determine whether the shell needs modifications, replacement or other repairs. Click to learn more.

Fixed Roof Repairs

Advance Tank has the capabilities to repair or replace all roof types. We regularly patch existing roof plate, remove and replace roof plate, remove and replace roof structure, or perform complete roof replacement and retrofits.

ASME Vessel & Sphere Repair

Advance Tank specializes in the maintenance and repair of vessels both on site and in our shop to meet the requirements of the ASME boiler and pressure vessel code.