Safety goes hand in hand with quality work and quality production. As a fabrication, construction and maintenance company that works in the tank, vessel and water/wastewater treatment industries – we work in hazardous and potentially deadly environments. Our personnel must be capable of evaluating all safety concerns arising from other contractors working on site, toxic or explosive vapors and the dangers of hanging steel plate.


We employ full-time staff dedicated to the function of HEALTH and SAFETY. Our safety personnel has years of experience in the industry and continue to educate themselves on safety issues and concerns. At Advance Tank, we regularly train our office, shop and field personnel on proper safety awareness and injury prevention.  We continuously evaluate ongoing health and safety related issues on all job sites.



At Advance Tank we believe in Safe, Quality, Production (SQP). Safety is the first priority at Advance Tank.

  • All new hires are screened, drug tested and trained on 20 safety modules ranging from hazardous materials to confined space training before they are allowed to work on our job sites.
  • Between 3 and 6 months of work, all recent hires are trained in our on-site trailer training.
  • Existing employees are trained on new health and safety concerns and receive refresher courses on existing safety expectations.
  • Safety Trailer: Advance Tank has a trailer dedicated to safety training which travels the country offering safety refresher course.
  • Every morning, all Advance Tank crews are required to have Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) meetings to discuss the day’s work plans and any safety concerns that could arise from that work.
  • All Superintendents and Site Coordinators attend a yearly safety training meeting at our headquarters in Wellington, CO.
  • Advance Tank performs ongoing safety manual audits that keep us up-to-date with the industries best work practices.
  • We believe in the top down approach to safety for ALL employees, including upper management.
  • Subcontractor Qualification: Advance Tank  requires all subcontractors to submit pre-qualification forms and updated information annually. This allows for an appropriate evaluation of a subcontractors ability to meet Advance Tank’s needs as well as the needs of our customers.
  • Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE): Advance Tank purchases all PPE equipment for its employees. Hard Hats, Steel Toed Boots, Safety Glasses, Ear Protection, Harnesses, and Nomex. If the job requires, it we supply it.
  • Monthly Safety Briefings are held with management to discuss any near misses or incidents. That information is then passed along to the crews along with any corrective measures that need to be implemented.
  • Stop Work Authority: If there is an issue on site that is noticed by any Advance Tank personnel, that employee has the right to shut down all work on the jobsite to evaluate, correct, train or implement corrective measures.
  • All Advance Tank field personnel are part of the DISA drug testing pool.  However, if your company calls for another testing agency, let us know and we will make the necessary adjustments.