Pell City, AL Facilities

  • 5,000’² dedicated office space
  • 16,000’² under roof, front shop
  • 24,000’² under roof, back shop
  • 10 acres of yard storage for loading and unloading material, equipment and erection gear


  • Industrial services
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Hydro (municipal and private)
  • Manufacturing

Materials Fabricated

  • Carbon Plate
  • Stainless Steel Plate

Front Shop

  • [2] 5 ton overhead cranes in the front bay
  • [1] 2 ton overhead crane in the back bay
  • Crane rails extends outside of shop 260’
  • Cutting and squaring operations on a 600’ sq. ft. CNC cutting table
  • Cyclindrical and radius forming on pyramid punch rolls (1¼” thick capacity
  • Angle roll unit with 5”×5”×½” capacity
  • Pipe roll unit with up to 2½” capacity

Back Shop

  • [2] 5 Ton overhead cranes in the front bay
  • [1] 1 ton jib crane in the welding area
  • Cutting and squaring operations in a 900”² CNC cutting table
  • Cylindrical and radius forming on pyramid pinch rolls (¾” thick capacity)
  • Press forming with a 200 ton hydraulic press
  • Plate seaming utilizing an automated SAW process on a 750’² table (10’ wide plate)
  • Angle roll unit with to upt 4”×4”×⅜” capacity
  • Mechanics and Maintenace bay

Yard Equipment

Rough terrain mobile crane and forklift for use in our yard for loading, unloading and moving material, tools and equipment.

Blasting and Painting Capabilities

  • Separate abrasive blasting and painting area
  • 50 ton – 4 port abrasive hopper and plate holding racks utilizing a blasting pot system
  • 56:1 airless paint pump to blat and paint plates, piping, and accessories

Primary Products Manufactured and Fabricated

ATC manufactures all components for the field erection of carbon and stainless steel atmospheric storage tanks, bins, silos, chimney liners, smokestacks, and vessels. We also manufacture shop tanks and various other plate structures.

Welding capabilities

  • TIG
  • MIG
  • SMAW
  • SAW

Standards & Codes

  • API 650
  • API 620
  • API 653
  • AWWA D-100
  • NFPA 22