Advance Tank specializes in the design and construction of ringwall foundations, slab foundations and containment walls for above ground storage tanks. Our foundations and containment walls are designed and built by Advance Tank personnel who specialize in storage tank foundations and containment systems. All foundations, liners and containment systems are designed and built in accordance with API 650, API 620, AWWA D100 and/or NFPA 22 standards and codes. In addition to our foundation work, Advance Tank can offer installation of Clay Liners, Geomembrane Liners, Leak Detection Systems and Concrete Retaining Walls for your secondary containment needs. We can also assist you in the design and installation of foundations for concrete or bolted tanks.
With Advance Tank and Construction you have one contractor responsible from beginning to end.


  • Concrete Ringwall Foundations
  • Crushed Aggregate Ringwall Foundations
  • Concrete Basins
  • Slab Foundations
  • HDPE Liner Installation
  • GeoMembrane Liner Installation
  • Clay Liner Installation
  • Leak Detection Systems
  • Retaining Walls and Floors
  • Procurement and Installation of Cathodic Protection Systems
  • Foundation Retrofitting of Existing Storage Tanks

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