The SQP Way… Safe Quality Production

At Advance Tank everything is put to the SQP test. Each task must be performed safely, to the highest quality, and in an efficient manner. To accomplish this feat we do the following.


At Advance Tank we run safe jobsites. Every employee knows that when they show up to work they will be returning home that night. We engrain the concept that each employee is responsible for their own safety when on a jobsite.

Safety Programs include:

  1. We promote a Safety Culture which works from our President’s Office to the Hole Watch standing at the manway of a storage tank.
  2. Daily job hazard analysis meetings to discuss specific hazards of the work that will be performed.
  3. Every employee is trained to look at safety before beginning any task to ensure they understand the risk.
  4. Seasoned employees are routinely trained on updated best practices and safety related issues.
  5. New hires are sent through an extensive training program prior to beginning work and then get an additional training between 3 to 6 months which continues with, the culture of Advance Tank, industry best practices and best practices particular to Advance Tank.
  6. All field and shop personnel are rewarded monthly if their crew has operated in a safe productive manor.
  7. All field and shop personnel hours are tracked individually and rewards are handed out for 500, 1500, 3000, 6000, 10,000 and 20,000 of safe work.

We’ve published a Health and Safety page to provide a more indepth look at the Advance Tank safety culture.


The highest standard we are held to is our own. With over 40 years of experience Advance Tank has a proven process that is continually refined and improved. We understand the cost of poor workmanship and repairs on our clients. Subsequently, we require workmanship which ensures each project is completed with the highest quality. Your project will be built correctly the first time.


At Advance Tank we spend considerable time making sure a project we bid can be built within the schedule requested. It is our job to ensure all schedules are maintained. We know that time is money, therefore we are committed to keep the work flowing. We do this by holding regular schedule meetings to understand the ins and outs of each job and to ensure that each project receives the resources needed to keep it on schedule.

When you hire Advance Tank, we will complete your project safely, with the highest quality and with the production required to complete our work on schedule. SQP – put it to work for you!