Employment Opportunity: Shop Welder-Flux Core, Tig, Stick, Pipe (Pell City, AL)

Advance Tank and Construction is a construction company that works throughout the continental United States.  We build large capacity, steel erected, storage products from the ground up.  We are looking for welders in our Pell City, AL shop.  We are interested in those who are experienced, hardworking, and know how to work safely.


$22.00 to $28.00 per hour

The pay range is dependent on the person’s experience and capabilities. Benefits include paid vacation, sick leave, 401K, and health & dental insurance. This is an employment at will position.


Advance Tank offers competitive wages, great benefits, and a family-like environment. If you feel your skills & abilities closely match the self-driven personality we are searching for, please send us your resume via email or apply online.

Email:  Attention: Recruiting   jobs@advancetank.com


  • Must be able to perform all duties safely.
  • Must pass a weld test per AWS or ASME in the processes that you are applying for as well as pass either a bend test or x-ray welding with 7018 in vertical position.
  • Must be able to physically move 75 to 100 pounds, routinely.
  • Must have experience in the use of the following tools: 4 & 8 pound hammer, fit up bar, grinders, chipping hammers, magnetic drills and cutting tools.
  • Must be able to pass a post hire physical verifying ability to perform essential functions of the job, as well as a drug test.


  • Must be able to perform all duties safely.
  • Must be able to at a minimum pass welding test in 2G and 3G positions SMAW (E7018 uphill and E6010 downhill) and 2G and 3G positions FCAW for carbon steel plate and understand welding machine components and welding variables and consumables.
  • Must be able to physically move welding lead (approximately 100 pounds) and be able to work and weld out of position and off of ground level.
  • Must be able to safely move and handle heavy steel plate and structural shapes including: loading, unloading, setting, aligning, fitting, assembling and cutting.  Movement and handling are done both manually (up to 100 pounds) and with assistance of a crane or other equipment.
  • Using a grinder must be able to brush and grind weld seams in preparation for radiography, chip or grind welding burrs and scars and perform other plate surface cleaning.


  • For consideration of reaching higher welding grade, must be able to pass stainless steel plate tests and 6G position for SMAW and/or FCAW for pipe.
  • Layout of steel plate, reading of blueprints.


  • This position works 8 to 10 hours per day, 5 days per week; able to work overtime when necessary. Begin work promptly at designated time.


  • Worker is on feet, kneeling or bending all day and work is done outside in all weather conditions.  Workers will be required to wear a hardhat, safety glasses, and ear plugs at all times – a welding hood and respirator when appropriate.